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× Hello, folks! The March 2019 papers for most of Cambridge Intl AS/A Level and IGCSE subjects have been added. If past papers for any subject are missing, please inform us by posting a comment at Past Papers Section.
Filename Type Size
7094_s09_er.pdf PDF 384.6 KB
7094_s09_ms_1.pdf PDF 62.7 KB
7094_s09_ms_2.pdf PDF 86.4 KB
7094_s09_qp_1.pdf PDF 90.8 KB
7094_s09_qp_2.pdf PDF 374.5 KB
7094_s10_er.pdf PDF 857.9 KB
7094_s10_in_2.pdf PDF 1.7 MB
7094_s10_ms_1.pdf PDF 54 KB
7094_s10_ms_2.pdf PDF 89.6 KB
7094_s10_qp_1.pdf PDF 132.3 KB
7094_s10_qp_2.pdf PDF 563.9 KB
7094_s11_er.pdf PDF 813.7 KB
7094_s11_in_2.pdf PDF 1.1 MB
7094_s11_ms_1.pdf PDF 123.6 KB
7094_s11_ms_2.pdf PDF 119.6 KB
7094_s11_qp_1.pdf PDF 127.1 KB
7094_s11_qp_2.pdf PDF 287.8 KB
7094_s12_er.pdf PDF 807.4 KB
7094_s12_ms_1.pdf PDF 124.4 KB
7094_s12_ms_2.pdf PDF 121.9 KB
7094_s12_qp_1.pdf PDF 128.7 KB
7094_s12_qp_2.pdf PDF 640.6 KB
7094_s13_er.pdf PDF 1012.2 KB
7094_s13_in_2.pdf PDF 3.4 MB
7094_s13_ms_1.pdf PDF 113.3 KB
7094_s13_ms_2.pdf PDF 118.7 KB
7094_s13_qp_1.pdf PDF 650.4 KB
7094_s13_qp_2.pdf PDF 290.1 KB
7094_s14_er_1.pdf PDF 722 KB
7094_s14_in_2.pdf PDF 3.3 MB
7094_s14_ms_1.pdf PDF 118.6 KB
7094_s14_ms_2.pdf PDF 115.9 KB
7094_s14_qp_1.pdf PDF 1.5 MB
7094_s14_qp_2.pdf PDF 368.8 KB
7094_s15_er.pdf PDF 621.8 KB
7094_s15_gt.pdf PDF 24.7 KB
7094_s15_in_2.pdf PDF 1.8 MB
7094_s15_ms_1.pdf PDF 116 KB
7094_s15_ms_2.pdf PDF 132 KB
7094_s15_qp_1.pdf PDF 1.1 MB
7094_s15_qp_2.pdf PDF 584.2 KB
7094_s16_gt.pdf PDF 24.8 KB
7094_s16_in_02.pdf PDF 2.9 MB
7094_s16_ms_1.pdf PDF 127.9 KB
7094_s16_ms_2.pdf PDF 134.1 KB
7094_s16_qp_01.pdf PDF 1.3 MB
7094_s16_qp_02.pdf PDF 961.1 KB
7094_s17_gt.pdf PDF 87.2 KB
7094_s17_in_2.pdf PDF 1.5 MB
7094_s17_ms_1.pdf PDF 202.8 KB
7094_s17_ms_2.pdf PDF 189.2 KB
7094_s17_qp_2.pdf PDF 3.6 MB
7094_s18_er.pdf PDF 432.1 KB
7094_s18_gt.pdf PDF 107.4 KB
7094_s18_in_02.pdf PDF 3.5 MB
7094_s18_ms_1.pdf PDF 122.7 KB
7094_s18_ms_2.pdf PDF 134.5 KB
7094_s18_qp_01.pdf PDF 2 MB
7094_s18_qp_02.pdf PDF 3.3 MB
7094_y06_sm_1.pdf PDF 90.9 KB
7094_y06_sm_2.pdf PDF 90.8 KB
7094_y06_sp_1.pdf PDF 96.6 KB
7094_y06_sp_2.pdf PDF 523.5 KB
7094_y14_sy.pdf PDF 205.5 KB
7094_y15_sy.pdf PDF 155 KB
7094_y16_sy.pdf PDF 154.2 KB
7094_y17_19_sy.pdf PDF 232.1 KB

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