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× Hello, folks! The November 2019 papers for Cambridge Int'l AS/A Levels have been uploaded. Papers for Cambridge IGCSE, and Cambridge O Levels for November 2019 session will be available soon. If past papers for any subject are missing, please inform us by posting a comment at Past Papers Section.
Filename Size
Accounting (7707) <Directory>
Add-Maths (4037) <Directory>
Agriculture (5038) <Directory>
Arabic (3180) <Directory>
Art and Design (BD, MV, MU, PK) (6090) <Directory>
Bangladesh Studies (7094) <Directory>
Bengali (3204) <Directory>
Biology (5090) <Directory>
Business studies (7115) <Directory>
CDT Design and Communication (7048) <Directory>
Chemistry (5070) <Directory>
Commerce (7100) <Directory>
Commercial Studies (7101) <Directory>
Computer Science (2210) <Directory>
Computer Studies (7010) <Directory>
D-Maths (4024) <Directory>
Design and Technology (6043) <Directory>
Economics (2281) <Directory>
English (1123) <Directory>
Environmental Management (5014) <Directory>
Fashion and Textiles (6130) <Directory>
Food and Nutrition (6065) <Directory>
French (3015) <Directory>
Geography (2217) <Directory>
German (3025) <Directory>
Global Perspectives (2069) <Directory>
Hinduism (2055) <Directory>
History (Modern World Affairs) (2134) <Directory>
History World Affairs, 1917-1991 (2158) <Directory>
Islamic Religion and Culture (2056) <Directory>
Islamic Studies (2068) <Directory>
Islamiyat (2058) <Directory>
Literature in English (2010) <Directory>
Marine Science (5180) <Directory>
Nepali (3202) <Directory>
Pakistan Studies (2059) <Directory>
Physics (5054) <Directory>
Principles of Accounts (7110) <Directory>
Religious Studies (2048) <Directory>
Science - Combined (5129) <Directory>
Setswana (3158) <Directory>
Sinhala (3205) <Directory>
Sociology (2251) <Directory>
Spanish (3035) <Directory>
Statistics (4040) <Directory>
Swahili (3162) <Directory>
Tamil (3226) <Directory>
Travel and Tourism (7096) <Directory>
Urdu - First Language (3247) <Directory>
Urdu - Second Language (3248) <Directory>

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